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Article Guidelines

Articles MUST relate to Magic, Pranks, Fun, Good Spirit, Lifestyles, or any topic related to The Magic Crasher, in order to be considered. Articles are subject to review. Not all articles will be accepted and published publically.

Articles must be between 800 to 1,300 words long. Where conceivable, incorporate numbered lists, bullets, and subheadings.

Keep in mind that for web based written work, clarity and simple reading are vital. Utilize easygoing, ordinary words as opposed to scholastic or formal language. Avoid using strong promotional language.

Whenever possible, incorporate good advice or wisdom. Refer to a report or main source to demonstrate your point by linking to the website.

Unfortunately, we do NOT allow articles that have been distributed already on individual web blogs, or other web properties. We want our website to be unique just like you.

By submitting an article to us, you are asserting that the written work is your own.

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